Are you looking to have your application properly secured by an experienced professional? Contact us today for a free private consultation. We specialize in web application security, mobile security, and also offer general consultation services. Click here for more information regarding all of our security services.

GulfTech Security Research has been conducting high quality security audits for nearly 20 years. We have had the good fortune of working for some of the largest names in the software business, the intelligence community, and also have a long history of freely contributing to the security community as a whole. Our work is our passion, and we treat our customers needs as our number one priority. We strive for quality over quantity and are always focusing our attention on the details. We may not be a very large company, but what we lack in size we make up for in quality, and dedication. Feel free to contact us today regarding your security service needs.



Our monthly subscription services are perfect for ongoing projects that require a higher level of security. We offer both annual and bi-annual contracts. We also offer custom contracts as needed to our clients. With our monthly subscription service we allow for you to schedule an audit, or rollover the month to the next year. So, if your development team isn't quite ready then simply take a month or two off and your credit for that month will still be valid for a full calendar year after the original date. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or custom proposals regarding the security of your project.




  • 40 hours month 12 months: 43,000 USD
  • 20 hours month 12 months: 22,500 USD
  • 10 hours month 12 months: 12,000 USD




  • 40 hours month 6 months: 21,500 USD
  • 20 hours month 6 months: 11,250 USD
  • 10 hours month 6 months:   6,000 USD



Our standard rate for most time based jobs is $100 USD per hour and require a $500 minimum. However, depending on the job this can vary. If you have questions please contact us.


For some developers it is easier to be charged by the project. In this case we look over your project, discuss your needs and expectations, and then together come to a proper resolution regarding a plan to secure your project. This saves time and money for developers who would rather focus on development while we handle security.


Our consultation services rates are $50 USD per hour. Let us help you figure things out!


We currently offer one on one educational services for students and enthusiasts alike for $40 USD per hour which can be conducted via Skype, phone, or the medium of your choice. Availability is very limited due to high demand, and limited amount of time as this is a service we offer to basically give back to the community. It is not profitable for us, and that is okay. We are here to help you learn.